Combine many features into a single plugin

Combine many features into a single plugin

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Why not add a plugin to combine several that act as a sweet database editor?
DataTables is pretty cool and all the features available all you to pretty much do everything you would ever want, but it's a bit difficult for someone who doesn't really know what they're doing.

You can already filter the table.... load the information into the table from a mysql database... theres the functionality to edit the data (and im presuming if doing server side edit the value on the database as well)... select a row in the table

It would be nice if I was able to do the following all at once without having to write/edit alot of code.

connect to the database
filter the table
select an entry
upon selecting an entry the row contents are added to a form below/above the table that is more user friendly (especially if you have like 40 columns of information on that row
edit the row/entry
saves entry on the database.

another option would be to be able to select the entry/row and open it in a lightbox that contains the form to edit the entry+save it


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    oh... and also easily create a new entry this way as well.
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    Editing is certainly something that I on the cards, however "connect to the database" is not something that DataTables itself will ever do. DataTables is a Javascript library, and I'm intentionally keeping it independent of any server-side technology. This means that DataTables can be deployed anywhere, regardless of what can be used on the server. It does mean that the developer (you :-) ) will need to connect to the DB and dump what is needed into an HTML table, but I only know a couple of sever-side languages fully enough to support them.

    If you are interested in server-side processing, for example, you can see a number server-side implementations here: .

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