Select/KeyTable alternative implementation

Select/KeyTable alternative implementation

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I'm pondering whether it is possible to replace the Select and KeyTable plugins with a unified code model that takes advantage of sequential focus navigation (tabindex navigation).

Here is a quick demo:

The demo has a tabindex attribute on things that I want to be able to select, and some styling to make focused rows and cells stand out.

Before I go on and spend too much time on this, has anyone tried to go down this road before?


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    I'm not aware of anyone having done this I'm afraid. Let us know how you get on if you try it though!


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    Well I can already think of two reasons why it's impossible to get the exact same behavior:

    1. only one element can be focused at any time, so forget selecting multiple rows
    2. there is no browser API for focusing the next or previous element in the flow
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