How to add filter to DataTable to filter records by date-picker (Vue.js)

How to add filter to DataTable to filter records by date-picker (Vue.js)

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Hello to everyone, I am new here and I need a little help of you, I have a datatable (jquery) in Vue component so I want to add a datepicker to filter the rows by date ( not necessary date range), thank for any help.


<table class="table table-hover text-center table-bordered" id="datatable" >
            <th class="text-center" scope="col">Nº Processo</th>
            <th class="text-center" scope="col">Episódio</th>
            <th class="text-center" scope="col">Modulo</th>
            <th class="text-center" scope="col">Nome</th>
            <th class="text-center" scope="col">Data de Nascimento</th>
            <th class="text-center" scope="col">Posto</th>
            <th class="text-center" scope="col">Data Marcação</th>

          <tr v-for="(patient, idx) in patients" :key="idx">
            <td>{{ patient.NUMPROCESSO }}</td>
            <td>{{ patient.EPISODIO }}</td>
            <td>{{ patient.MODULO }}</td>
            <td>{{ patient.NOMEDOENTE }}</td>
            <td>{{ patient.DATANASCIMENTO | formatDate }}</td>
            <td>{{ patient.POSTO }}</td>
            <td>{{ patient.DATAMARCACAO | formatDate }}</td>


export default {
  name: "Table",
  data() {
    return {
      patients: [],
      infos: [],

  mounted() {
      .then((response) => (this.patients =
      .catch((error) => console.log(error));
    setTimeout(() => {
        lengthMenu: [
          [10, 25, 50, -1],
          [10, 25, 50, "All"],
        pageLength: 10,
    }, 60);

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    This example here should help. It is showing a range, but you'll get the principle of how the DateTime element should be used,


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