Refreshable Database

Refreshable Database

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I notice that you have the database behind the site so that people can play with the features of DataTables, I assume your database refreshes from the 'playing' that people do every so often.

How are you doing that? Is there a full database that gets copied over every x minutes/hours or whatever?

This would be really useful for my test environment, hence the question. Tried googling some options but not really sure what you call it an refreshable database doesn't see to work.

Appreciate the insight.

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    Nice question - I don’t think we’ve been asked this before. Indeed we do have a database so people can play with the features of Editor. We have a pool of 250 instances of the database (with a script to update and repopulate it as needed) and when someone requests the data, they get assigned one of those instances which is stored via a session variable on the server-side (so kill your session cookie, and you’d see all your edits go up in smoke!).

    Then there is a cron job which runs periodically, to check for stale (no longer used) instances, and it refreshes them, putting it back into the pool for someone else to use.

    Occasionally there are more users than db instances, so they can be assigned to multiple users at a time, but I’ve found around 250 is about the right level for how we are using it at the moment.


  • rob1strob1st Posts: 80Questions: 21Answers: 0

    Thanks Allan,

    I will look into doing this, I think it will be great for the test environment.

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