DataTables 1.6.1 released

DataTables 1.6.1 released

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Hello all,

I'm really pleased to be able to release DataTables 1.6.1. There are a few little bug fixes in here, but the key focus has been on performance. With large tables earlier versions have been noticeably slow in drawing and initialisation and I've attempted various optimisation methods to address this in the new release.

The real benefits will be felt when you have large data sets which are read from the DOM - but many aspects have seen a benefit from the optimisation work since it touches a number of the core functions, such as the draw function. To read about what optimisations I have made and their impact, please refer to the release notes:

Please be aware that I've change the algorithms used in a few key functions, so there is that possibility that this update might break something which currently works! It shouldn't as it passes clean through my unit tests without issue, but it's worth noting. If you do spot anything odd, please open a new thread.

Full release notes:

You can download DataTables 1.6.1 here:

Finally for now, if this release is of benefit to you or you just generally love DataTables ( :-) ), please consider making donation towards the continued support and development of DataTables:



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    Did you delete all the comments that were on this thread? Without even bothering to move them or provide an explanation?!

    Why? There were important questions in here.
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    Hey zirconx,

    Before you go making hostile accusations (to the author of this great tool no less), why don't you take a few seconds and scan this forum. It's amazing what you can see when you open your eyes :)
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    @ziconx - are you looking for the thread announcing the release 1.6.0: ? Indeed there were good questions there and there still are - with answers.

    I think I've only had to delete one post in the last (almost) year that these forums have been running - we've got a good community going on here.

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    Allan thanks for point me to the right thread. I thought I searched very throughly and couldn't find it anywhere. Sorry about my tone on the earlier post.
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    Good Job ! I can feel the speed boost. 1500 records was 6 seconds on 1.6.0 - its now 2.5 seconds on 1.6.1
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